The Epic Journey Through the Kingdoms of JavaScript: Adventures in Vue, React, and The Eccentric Emperor Angular’s World 🤣🤣🤣

Daichi Toyoda
3 min readJun 26, 2023


From this title, we can gather that the article or story will take us on a wild ride through the different frameworks of JavaScript, specifically Vue, React, and Angular. The fantastical language used in the title hints at an entertaining and engaging narrative filled with humor and satire. Additionally, the use of words like “adventures” suggests that we will not only learn about the technical differences between these frameworks but also the cultural nuances and quirks unique to each one. Overall, we can expect this piece to be both educational and humorous, bringing a fresh perspective to the world of JavaScript development.

Our Story

Once upon a time, in a far-off land known as the Kingdom of JavaScript, there lived three powerful and influential rulers — The Wise King Vue, The Adventurous Queen React, and The Eccentric Emperor Angular. Each ruler was the leader of their own kingdom, and each had their own unique approach to ruling over their lands.

The Wise King Vue was a kind and gentle ruler who believed in simplicity and ease of use for his subjects. His kingdom was known for its straightforward syntax and easy-to-follow structure. People of all skill levels could develop great websites quickly and with minimal errors. He was loved by many and was always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need.

The Adventurous Queen React ruled over her kingdom with a daring and innovative spirit. Her kingdom was known for its more complex and flexible architecture, allowing for greater creativity and customization. Developers in React Kingdom admired the queen’s bold spirit and enjoyed the challenge of developing complex applications using React.

Last but not least, The Eccentric Emperor Angular was a mysterious and enigmatic ruler that very few in the realm truly understood. His kingdom was characterized by its idiosyncratic syntax and unusual conventions. Although his kingdom sometimes seemed difficult to navigate and understand, his subjects were determined to master it and unlock its full potential.

One day, a brave adventurer set out on a perilous journey across the kingdoms. He had heard tales of the wonders and secrets hidden within each world and was eager to uncover them all. As he traveled through the kingdom of Vue, he marveled at the efficiency and simplicity of everything he encountered. Even the locals seemed to have a calm and contented air about them.

As he emerged from the Kingdom of Vue, he entered React Kingdom, and immediately felt a jolt of energy and excitement surge through him. Everywhere he looked there were developers feverishly working on complex projects that were beyond his understanding. They spoke in strange tongues and discussed the intricacies of their code with a passion that he had never seen before.

But as he journeyed further on, into The Eccentric Emperor Angular’s Kingdom, things only became stranger. Everywhere he went there were strange symbols and bizarre syntaxes that made no sense to him. And yet, the locals seemed to love it — they talked about how expressive and powerful it was, and how the possibilities of what could be achieved were endless.

As our adventurer continued his journey, he began to feel more and more confused and overwhelmed by the differences between the three kingdoms. But then, something miraculous happened. He stumbled upon a group of travelers who had come together from all three kingdoms to share their experiences and learn from each other. They sat together, discussing everything from the most basic fundamentals to the most complex advanced techniques, and he realized that each kingdom had something valuable to offer.

Through that meeting of the minds, he discovered that Vue Kingdom had taught him simplicity and logic, React Kingdom had taught him creativity and adaptability, and The Eccentric Emperor Angular’s Kingdom had taught him to embrace complexity and challenge himself to think in new ways.

In conclusion, while each kingdom may have its own unique style and approach, it is important to remember that we can always learn from one another. Perhaps it is only through sharing our knowledge and working together that we can truly unlock the full potential of the kingdom of JavaScript.



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